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My 08 nrs has never run better. It is a different bike after Brian tuned it.

Shane Walker

My 08 nrs has never run better

Brian and his team repaired my bike to better than new condition, even helped me deal with a insurance company who put their profits before my ride. They wanted to do a cheap non genuine repair but Brian stuck up for me and helped get it all sorted. VERY happy with the repairs, you won’t fine anyone better. Brian has been servicing my bike now for several years and it has been running sweet since then. Friendly , honest service.

Dave Kuronya

Friendly , honest service.

Brian has worked on 6 Harley’s of mine, 2x V Rods, my Springer & 2 of my Tourers & even an army harley, I have never had a bike back with any problems, whenever a Harley is serviced at EBT it comes back feeling New again, I thoroughly recommend EBT.

Steve Martin Baddy

I thoroughly recommend EBT

So good to have someone who cares about your bike and takes pride in what he does.
No clock watching here. Takes his time and gets it right.
Keep up the good work Brian.

Mark Princess Lavale.

One word – Genius.

Had my ’13 Fatty serviced and tuned today. All I can say is wow. It is more responsive, is smoother when going slow and when accelerating. Smoother when changing gear up and down. I honestly cant believe the difference. You would be doing yourself a favour by letting Brian and his team look after your bike. Cheers mate

Alan Clarke

All I can say is wow.

Best bike Dr around!!!

Gabbie Mehegan

Best bike Dr around!!!

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